Business Consultancy

 When it comes to consultancy, it will all depend on where an organisation’s at and where it wants to go.

A business consultant can point you in the right direction, giving you the tools and helping you implement them for tangible results.

Wondering what the key stages in consultancy are?


First, company needs are assessed, gathered and analysed, and solutions are sought out to meet them.​


Next comes the diagnosis and planning stage because planning and organisation are essential to gaining results, no matter the industry or specialisation.


Once pinpointed and tweaked, changes are implemented, and the solution adjusted to the needs identified in stage one.​


The fourth and final stage is assessing and improving the changes implemented to ensure continuous improvement is achieved, whether small steps are taken towards a big end goal or new, higher aims are set and met at every stage.

Whether you’re putting a team together for the first time or getting an existing team running smoothly and efficiently, consultancy is the key to improving workflows and operating processes, streamlining operations and optimising teamwork.

It’s picking the brain of someone who’s been in your shoes and knows how to put their best foot forwards to solve problems you may not have even known were there.


Looking to start your business or seeking out an initial strategy or business plan?

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Work in Portugal

The reasons to set up here are endless, but it’s not always easy to know where to start, so here’s the guiding hand you’ve been looking for.

Business Facilitator

Why go it alone when you can kick off with a well-founded plan moulded to your new market, geared towards growth and development?

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Cristina TulcidasProduct Designer
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Vanessa is a force of nature! She is one of those rare people you will meet in life that has fierce intelligence, rigor, creativity and intuition - the type of manager and colleague you want in every project and every room. Her ability to create clarity and trust while still keeping the team motivated and focused on moving forward when issues arise during pressured and hard situations is admirable and truly inexplicable. She has a way of rapidly processing information and understanding not just the elephant in the room but also the underlying problems behind the elephant. People like Vanessa inspire us all to want to raise the bar!
AI Coaching
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Vanessa was a key element for the kickoff of a remote team in Portugal working with Agile. Always honest and upfront of the challenges and changes in the path to improving the development process.

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