Agile, Scrum and Tailored Training

The training and development of individuals, teams and entire organisations is what keeps industries going, so rather than asking what can be improved, the right question is…

What should we work on first?

From communication to customer service, conflict management to gender equality and first aid to leadership, which areas could use some work, and which ones would lead to more effective, unified company-wide practices?

Let me help you find
the right training programme

A good training programme should always be objective-based: one where we work together to streamline workflows, facilitate team management and tweak practices that may just make all the difference. Bearing this is mind, let me introduce you to some training methodologies we can work with.

Allowing you to transform company workflows by implementing methodologies that get things done, Agile is the way to go if you’ve always dreamed of working in a flexible, dynamic company that snaps into action to solve problems as soon as they’re detected, removing miscommunications and making sure everyone’s on the same page every step of the way. 

Agile means interconnectivity and cooperation, facilitating communications across teams and even departments and could be the overhaul your organisation desperately needs.

Assigning a scrum master is often the first step towards increased productivity, connectivity, and transparency – all vital to improving teamwork and streamlining operations. When using scrum, not only are deadlines more easily met, but team members get daily and weekly satisfaction from completing tasks on schedule, with the complete awareness of the part they had to play in the overall success of the project.

If we were setting up a story right now, we’d have “Explore Website” in the “Done” column, “Consider your Options” in the “in Progress” column, and “Get in touch” in the “To do” column.

Every company has its strengths and challenges, but it’s only by bringing the whirlwind of activity to a standstill and assessing operations that steps can be made towards improving them. 

As those on the inside are often too close to see what’s actually going on, getting an outsider’s perspective can be key to pinpointing snags, their expertise in running diagnostics and needs assessments vital. 

Do you need to tweak specific areas or an entire methodological overhaul? To develop members of your team or your entire staff as a collective? Let’s cut through the noise and answer these questions together.

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João Henrique Developer Ambassador
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Vanessa is one of those few like-minded people I had the pleasure to crossways several times during my professional path. Extremely competent and easy to get along with, Vanessa is a valuable member of every team. Her growth mindset and positivity easily spread among the people around her, making others confident in driving projects forward.
Maria MendonçaMarketing Director, Descomunal
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Vanessa worked with our team in order to improve workflows, internal procedures, overall communication, structure team roles and implement the SCRUM method. It was indeed a great help! By the end of our training, the team was more productive, each team member was in better understanding of their responsibilities and the overall day-to-day activities started running much smoother. Vanessa stood by us in every step of the day, providing both the team and management with alternatives to help cope with and resolve all issues that came along the way. Would definitely recommend her services, both in business consultancy as in training teams.

Do you know exactly what you need yet, or shall we explore your options together?