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Work Hard, dream big!

“Work hard, dream big!” are words Vanessa lives by – an entrepreneur, certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Kanban System Designer and Agile Coach and Leader with expertise in Project Management using Agile methodologies. Having co-founded and managed a 100% Agile IT startup in Portugal and led other companies throughout their Agile transformations, Vanessa’s years of hands-on experience speak for themselves.

Having gained both academic and professional experience in Psychology and spent many years teaching, coaching, and leading people within companies and her local community in areas such as Leadership, Time Management, Agile, Communication and Team Management, Vanessa’s knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of organisations is unparalleled and her expertise in human resources and team management extensive.

“Extensive expertise in human resources, team management and agile coaching.”

Beyond the services she provides, her passion for the Tech Industry, innovation, and drive to promote diversity in workplace have led to Vanessa’s involvement in initiatives ranging from becoming one of the Ambassadors of Geek Girls Portugal to supporting STEAM and other Diversity initiatives such as #womenintech, start Algarve’s first Agile Meetup and co-founding the Algarve Tech Hub to becoming the current Vice-President of Algarve Evolution. The latter, a non-profit association, brings together companies in the region in a thriving tech ecosystem that unites them in their core objectives and business goals.

Far more than coaching or consulting, Vanessa leads by example, her passion, involvement and directed focus guiding companies, teams and individuals towards completing their mission, whatever it may be.

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Francesco Berrettini(Manager, Partnerships & Projects – Portugal at Empowered Startups)
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I met Vanessa for the first time, at the stage of creating an association of information technology companies. Later, I had the opportunity to collaborate with her in some activities followed for her. Punctuality, ethical behavior, dedication, and a great worker, are certainly some of the adjectives that could describe her characteristics, of course, others would be missing, which praise her professionalism. Pioneer and well acquainted with the Agile methodology, which she had the kindness to transmit to me in broad lines. A professional to believe in and trust.

Whether through coaching, training or consultancy, convinced Vanessa is the key to improving your operations?